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How To Make Solar Mobile Charger

How To Make Solar Mobile Charger

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How To Make Solar Mobile Charger.


In this video we are going to show How to make Solar Mobile charger. This is a small project but very efficient for emergency. You can also try to make it. a solar phone charger harnesses the power of the sun to supply electricity to your devices or charge the battery. The benefit of these portable devices is that they don't require an external electricity source to function, making them great for outdoor enthusiasts or people who many not have access to a power outlet right away. Solar technology is a viable one for charging your mobile devices, but some chargers definitely work better than others, and not all are designed to handle every situation. To test solar charges, we take them to our standard light room and time how long it takes to fully charge each unit. 


Circuit Diagram:

Figure: Circuit Diagram of Solar Mobile Charger.

Required Instrument:

-        6V mini Solar panel.

-        7805 voltage regulator IC.

-        USB female port.

    Buy All Electronics Components:



This project is truly interesting and workable. By following the rules given to us, it will work for 100%. You can make it for your own use as it has very high accuracy.

 Any modification of this project can be done as per your requirement. We will make the project according to your needs. Contact us with your any innovative engineering projects idea. We will help you to implement your project.

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