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Voice Control Smart Notice Board Through IOT

Voice Control Smart Notice Board Through IOT

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Project Duration:One Month

Voice Control Smart Notice Board Through IOT.

About This Project:

Main concept behind Voice operated Electronic notice board using display is to show messages and to control them by using our own voice. Already seen GSM based Electronic Notice board however speech controlled Notice board has additional advantage of ease of use. User has to give voice command in his/her own voice to control the messages displayed on electronic notice board. Voice recognition is done in the Android application user has to install this Android application in his/her smart phone or tablet. IoT technology is a popular technique in the field communication, and it is one of the fastest growing fields in the wireless technologies. IoT technology handles the wireless part of the communication channel; it is used in this system to transmit and receive data from cloud between devices. User needs to install this application. A Google API system used for this purpose is called a speech synthesizer, and can be implemented in software or hardware products. An inbuilt Google voice recognition app is used in this system. This system can easily use for Digital Notice Board. In this project we use most advance and popular google voice assistant to accomplish the project. At first we create a Gmail Account and then use this email account we create an google cloud server with User name and Password, After then a Google Voice API enable to that server. Now we login to that server and get connect with Node MCU, After login with that username and password in any smart phone on google voice assistant, after saying “ Change Matrix to” it is a command to call our voice api, After this command any other voice will be show our voice on a Dot Matrix Display. And it can usable for 24 hour as we also connect the Node MCU with AC power supply through converting into DC. 

Block Diagram:

Figure: Block Diagram of Voice Control Smart Notice Board through IOT

Required Instrument:

-        Node MCU

-        Dot Matrix Display.

-        Transformer.

-        Bridge Rectifier.

-        Diode.

-        Capacitor.

-        Transistor.

-        Voltage Regulator IC.

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There are many advantages of our project because of its accuracy. Some of the advantages are pointed out below:

-        Easy To Install.

-        Simple design.

-        Cost Effective.

-        User friendly system.

-        Easy to use.

-        Reduce energy & time wastage.



The application areas for this project in this modern and practical world are huge and some of these are given below:

-    It can be used in any educational institute.

-    It can be used in any Industry/Office.

-    It can be uses in Hospital & shopping mall. 

Any modification of this project can be done as per your requirement. We will make the project according to your needs. Contact us with your any innovative engineering projects idea. We will help you to implement your project.

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